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Building Rapport with Faith Leaders:  Celebrate Pastoral Care Week, October 23 – 29, 2011

Posted on Oct 3, 2011 by Sabrina Hamilton in Assisted Living, Hospice, Observances (0) comments

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Pastoral Care Week

First Responders.  Heroes, each one.  But what about those sporting a starched white collar – or a hastily donned yarmulke - armed with compassion? Clergy or lay leaders in Chaplain Ministries help navigate life’s most fragile moments, often under the radar. Pastoral Care Week (October 23 – 29, 2011) invites you to set aside time to appreciate those who deliver hope, comfort and peace.

At Verba, we want to inspire your strategies to touch more lives, and build more business. Taking time to connect with those faith leaders will translate into increased trust and ultimately, more referrals to your service. 

Check out our ideas, and share what works best!

Celebrate Pastoral Care Professionals

  • Coordinate a morning “Pastors & Pastries” event. Invite your own Chaplaincy team or Pastors throughout the community to join together for fellowship. Invite a ministry leader from a neighboring county to offer words of encouragement.
  • Plan a “Self care for the Selfless” afternoon. Collaborate with local barbers/stylists, massage therapists, shoe shiners, etc. and ask them to lend complimentary services to clergy and spiritual leaders.
  • Deliver some cheer to Pastors on their own turf. Stop by with a gift basket of goodies to keep in the car as they travel to visit patients. Include a map, a travel thermos, an ice-scraper and mints.  (Embossed with your service’s logo!)

Gift idea:  Offer bookmarks with a scripture verse or inspirational quote. Laminate them, and attach a sticker with your service’s contact information for referrals. 

Create Awareness of the role of Interfaith Chaplaincy in HealthCare

  • Ask legislators or city and state officials to celebrate the week with events, recognition, and awards for facilities or individuals involved in Health Care Chaplaincy or Pastoral Care.
  • Invite a local newspaper to write a story about the practice of Spiritual Care as it relates to empowering the elderly. Offer an interview to explain the interfaith nature of the practice that delivers a message of hope and peace across people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Promotional Idea:  Send a key chain (embossed with your logo) to the Mayor with this note, “You hold the key to the city, but Health Care Chaplains unlock a path to comfort and dignity. Celebrate Pastoral Care Week:  October 23 – 29, 2011!”

Define and promote Pastoral Care for Patients and Families

  • Host a “Chatting with the Chaplaincy” event.  Invite patients, residents and family members to fellowship with Spiritual Leaders.  Set aside time for a “Q& A” panel to take questions regarding a range of issues that relate to elder care, spiritual, and other pressing issues.
  • Create a True/False quiz regarding the practice of Chaplaincy to distribute to residents and/or families.  (Check out a sample:

However your service or facility chooses to celebrate the angels in your midst, turn every conversation into a connection. Pastors broker collaboration between trusted congregation/family members and your service.  Ensure you leave them with a positive memory. A little appreciation for their many efforts to lift up the least, the lost and the lonely will propel your own business, too.

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